Monday, September 18, 2006

Razzle's Laundry Debacle

Razzle enjoying his fresh clean blankies.

Laundry is never exactly fun, but when it requires going *all the way* downstairs (42 floors, mind you!) and spending half the day attending to it, it becomes a downright burden. Recently, the laundry rates in our building have gone up and now it's become expensive as well.

Enter in "The Mudd Room" - a new laundry service literally right down the street that washes, dries and folds your laundry for you! You pay by the pound, and it actually comes out to be only a few dollars more than doing it ourselves. BARGAIN!

We've been going there now for the past month or so. All has worked out great with the exception of Razzle's laundry. His laundry is kept separate and needs to be washed in fragrance-free detergent. His delicate blankies also need to be dried on low-heat.

The first time, all of our clothes and Razzle's laundry were washed in regular detergent. It smelled great to us, but much too strong for Razzle's nose. We had to bring it back and have them re-wash it.

The next time, we explained the problem to them, and they said they understood. This time, our clothes were washed fragrance-free and Razzle's were not. Again, we had to bring Razzle's things back to be re-washed.

Also, his blankies weren't dried on low-heat and some of them got scorched! Finally, Steve had a word with the manager who was very apologetic and promised us things would be done correctly the next time. Today we brought the laundry in and the manager was there. Again he apologized and said they would do our laundry free of charge this time!! Woo! We are going to pick it up tomorrow and HOPEFULLY it is done right this time.

Poor Razzle! All this drama for such a little critter.


Candi said...

LOL! You giving them trouble at the ole Mudd Room? *lol* Poor Razzle. Did you say it was for a hedgehog or a baby? I'm sure they will get it right in the future after the manager got involved!

My post today is on Barbapapa's. hee heeeeeee

Gaia said...

Oh my gosh ! Razzle is so incredibly cute !!!

Razzle said...

:))) Thanks for the comments!!! HI Gaia!!

We did tell them the blankies were for a "pet", and then eventually a hedgehog (after all, we had to explain his sensitive nose!)

Barbapapas! I should take a picture of Razzle near my Barbapapa tea cup.

Steven said...

They better get his stuff right this time or the Mudd Room will be in a heap of prickles!!

Razzle said...

Update: it's hard to say whether they did this right or not. They washed our clothes in fragrance free and they have NO smell. But Razzle's smell like perfume still. I think they might be using dryer sheets on them or something. One of these days they'll get it right....

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Thanks for stopping by!