Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Meaning of Cool Refridgeration

Our refridgerator has some mighty cute magnets on it!! The magnets hold up Razzle's certificate for participating in the Hedgehog Welfare Society Wheel-a-Thon earlier this year.

This personalized magnet was a gift from Razzle's Auntie Sandy and cousin Britty! We love it!

I got this next magnet at the Shedd Aquarium here in Chicago. Steve and I were having a conversation about what kind of animal we wish we could come back as. Steve said a "sea otter" because they look like they are always having fun. Then I came across this magnet and couldn't believe how perfect it is!!! It's a Sea Otter holding a Sea Urchin. But to me...it looks just like Steve bonding with Razzle!

(The first picture is the magnet in case you can't tell the difference):


Candi said...

AWW! Cuteness! Nice certificate and cool magnets! ;) :P Auntie Sandy is awesome, huh? LOL!

The sea otter looks too funny next to the Steve and Razzle photo!!!

Razzle said...

Steve didn't want me to post that picture of him, but when I explained how crucial it was to my blog, he agreed. :) That picture cracks me up every time. It was taken about a year ago (before I found that magnet!) Razzle was a little suspicious of him at first (you can see he's all quilled up, but his little nose is poking through because he was curious). I just love that picture of them! My boys!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!