Thursday, September 14, 2006


There's a prickily in the tub!

Tonight was the dreaded BATH NIGHT!!!

Not a favorite past-time of Razzle's, but he was getting a little "whiffy" and his toes were dirty from his wheeling.

Oh, do we HAVE to do this?

Just so you know, I am NOT going to enjoy myself.

I won't move from this spot!

I'm just going to hang out right here so people will look at these pictures and say, "how boring. Who wants to see a hedgehog having a bath? Not me."

Ok, I've had enough of this nonsense!!!

Finally, freedom!! Now get this terrible water off me!

(being dryed by the world-famous ZWIPES Microfiber cloth!)

Alright, the show is over. What are you looking at? You never seen a clean hedgehog before or something?? GOOD DAY!



Candi said...

OMG! TOO cute! My favorite is the very first pic of him! LOL! His eyes and ears looks hilarious!

He seems pretty comfy in the sink, wandering around all those bubbles. I figured he'd panic.

HedgieMate said...

He cracked me up with the second pic from the top as his wide-open eyes filled with anxiety and his ears flat like a scared dog...oh, poor Razzle... Love the squirm-in-the-towel pic too, but the bottom pic is simply priceless!

Razzle said...

hahaha...I love that first picture of him too. That's his "what's going on? Am I in trouble?" look. Bathtime isn't as dreadful as he leads on. It's all an act so I feel guilty and give him some wormies!

Candi said...

Are his front legs crossed in that photo we are talking about? (second from the top....first photo of him.) LOL!! Maybe he is praying you won't put him in that bubbly sink! Lol!

Razzle said...

Oh my Razzle...I miss you so much.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!