Sunday, October 15, 2006

Virtual Tour of the Igloo

Due to the overwhelming amount of interest, Razzle has decided to have an open house and invite each and everyone on a personal tour of his igloo!!

Welcome to my cozy home! Won't you come in? Can I offer you a tasty cricket?

Come in...come in....just watch your step here. Let me show you around....

Well, over here is where I usually like to read. I curl up over there on that chaise lounge and get into a good book. Otherwise, I'm surfing the web and updating my blog on my laptop.

Over here is where I usually nap. See all my cozy blankies? Whoops...he... he... pardon the crumbs....I was snacking in bed.

And you will notice the tall cathedral ceilings....makes my rather modest home look quite spacious, no?

Well that's my home!!! Thanks for coming by. Are you sure you don't want a cricket for the road?


Janice said...

Thanks for inviting us into your home and being such a gracious host (I take my crickets with milk).

With such a bold palette of colors on your home and in your yard, the plain red walls are simply genius! It would be wonderful if you could share some decorating tips.

Candi said...

Nicely done! I should decorate that way! Lol!

I think I see a mini cake in that igloo...are you baking mommy a birthday cake?!?! Awww!!!

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Anonymous said...

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Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!