Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Please send HEALING VIBES to Razzle

Hello everyone. Unfortunately, I have some bad news....Razzle is ill and right now in the hospital.

This situation literally came out of the BLUE! He's been seemingly fine. However, when I came home from work tonight...I went to check on him and I noticed he sounded "wheezey". Then I heard a sound I NEVER have heard from him before - a "cough" of sorts, but it sounded more like a bark. He was also slightly foaming at the mouth. I immediately called Animal 9-1-1, my emergency vet, and drove an hour to get Razzle there for 8pm. I was there until midnight. They did some X-rays and it looks as though Razzle has some fluid in his lungs. It also appears that he may have fluid in his heart. He will have to be kept overnight at the hospital in an oxygen tank. He will be given some antibiotics, as well as a heart medication, and plenty of fluids.

This is especially hard since Steve is in Beijing at the moment. Today was his day to go sightsee, since, although he has been to China many times - this was his first time in Beijing. Instead, he stayed with me on the phone the entire night (day for him!) to get an up-to-the-minute report on Razzle.

Tomorrow morning, I am to go back up to the animal hospital at 7am and transport Razzle to another hosptal in the area. Normally, he would stay at this one, however, as a total FLUKE, they are closed tomorrow (something they never do on a Wednesday). Just my luck!!! So I have to leave the house by 6am -- and then bring him over to another hospital. Obviously, I am going to have to tell work that I am going to be late (great for my 3rd week on the job....).

Razzle is in a little oxygen tank to help with his breathing and congested lungs. They put his little hedgie bag in there with him to make him a little more comfortable. It was so hard leaving him there, especially since he is scared and huffing and puffing (which isn't the best for him given his condition). When he huffs, he sounds like a little dog squeeze toy. I wanted so bad to have him home where he's comfortable, but I think he's in good hands where he is and I think it's the best thing for him right now......

Tonight is the test - hopefully he does well through the night and is on his way to recovery tomorrow. Please send your healing wishes, prayers and thoughts for my little baby. As you can imagine, I am sick with's 1am here and I think I will be up all night.



Candi said...

:o How unexpected! Yes, we will be thinking of Razzle and sending him good thoughts!!!! You must be worried sick. Keep me updated! I hope he can come home very soon!

Razzle said...

Thanks!!! Oh, you know I am worried sick! Sitting in that waiting room for 4 hours was just torture, especially not knowing what was going on and how serious his condition is. It's just amazing how this all happened so fast. He's a tough little guy though. He's going to pull through and be just fine.....he just loves to worry his mom!

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