Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Razzle's Progress Continues!

Thanks to everyone for your concern about the Razzmeister. He is doing so great! He's been such a brave boy, taking his medicines every day. It's somewhat of a struggle some days (particulary mornings when I am running late for work, it seems...), but I'm so glad he's a spunky little boy!

Razzle's daddy comes home tomorrow from China and we are sure looking forward to seeing him!

Tonight Razzle had some turkey burger for dinner and he gobbled it up. When I went to check on him later, he was running on his wheel. It's hard to believe that a week ago he was in a little oxygen tank with a very bad respiratory infection. It seems he has forgotten all about that ordeal and is back to being a happy, healthy hoggie....just as we like it. <3


happycamper603 said...

What good news. Something to be thankful for.

Kayte A.R. said...
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Kayte said...

YAY! Go Razzle!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!