Wednesday, October 25, 2006

One of the Guys

The boys hanging out watching a little Sunday afternoon football...

Razzle was quite the social butterfly this past weekend when his Uncle Robert and Auntie Jennifer came to visit. It was a rare treat since Razzle is usually a giant hiss-ball of quills whenever anyone else is around. Razzle was friendly and curious - sniffing around and exploring.

Auntie Jennifer was still a little nervous to pick up Razzle, but one day he will win her over! But Razzle had fun hanging out on Uncle Robert...

"So Razzle...who do you think is going to Superbowl?"


Candi said...

So cute! I love Razzle in that first photo with Robert. He looks pretend! I'm glad he felt comforable to come out and play!

Steve looks like the proud dad in that bottom photo! Lol!

Very cute!

Oooh! Back to the old color scheme? I like!!

Razzle said...

Haha..I know, doesn't Razzle look like a little stuffed animal? I'm so glad he was sociable and cute instead of a scared prickleball! Now everyone could see his true personality. Yup, Steve is definitely the proud papa! :-D

The Chadam said...

Glad I can keep tabs on you all through your blogs now....

Hi razzle, thanks for the tour of your home

Your human cousin,


Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!