Monday, October 09, 2006

Forever trying to escape the Paparazzi....

Oh's that darn camera again!

I'm not coming out of my warm blankies!!

Ha HA!! Just try to get a good pic of me!!

You can't get me!

Hold on a I smell....treats???

Could this be real??

I must approach cautiously in case this is a cruel trick!


What? You want me to say you won?

Talk to the Quills!


Kayte A.R. said...

Love the pictures!! I think Razzle looks a lot like my Easter.

Candi said...

Awww, cute poses. I LOVE that blankie! I want pillow cases of that. Lol!

Razzle said...

You got me that pillow case, remember?? :) In fact, when I first moved to Chicago, I slept on that pillow case and sheet (on the hardwood floor!!) my first night at my new apartment! It was just me and Raz camping out before my furniture arrived.

happycamper603 said...

Wow Razzle, I love the blog! Welcome to Blogland. And Tell your mommy to have a good birthday next week.

Candi said...

Yes, I remember those pillow cases! Lol! I love them. I found them at one of my favorite places: Ikea!!

I still have reindeer ones I use. I also used mine when I first moved into my new place (Redmond Ridge!) and had to sleep on the floor!! Lol!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!